Casamodulo – Modular Housing Concepts

CasaMódulo© is a designed community of homes assembled using mass-manufactured components, which allows for each home to be economically and efficiently constructed to international building codes. Developed by the CasaMódulo© design team, our modular homes will fit a wide variety of landscapes and environments, provide little to no waste, conserve water and other resources and continue to remain usable for years to come.

CasaMódulo© was commissioned in order to accommodate the workforce required to maintain ethanol power plants in the rural Brazilian countryside, as the Government of Brazil planned to provide housing for these workers and their families. This required designs that were affordable, easy-to-construct, durable, green and sustainable. The most efficient answer was modular housing, as each house could be constructed within a fraction of the time required for traditional construction.

Provided are four (4) possible schemes for the development of CasaMódulo©, developed by the RACAIA Team and the designer Barry Thomas of Thomas Designs.