Our Team

We pride ourselves on our staff members’ individuality, design ability, and professional decorum, and seek to match the best people with our clients on every project. Our team’s methodological approach to project design and development has allowed our clients a great deal of flexibility and accountability throughout each project phase, and we plan to continue that institution with each new hire.

Richard A. Chavira, AIA Richard.Chavira@RACAIA.com
Tony Micu, AIA Tony.Micu@RACAIA.com
David R. Almada Jr. David.Almada@RACAIA.com
Tony M. Chavira Tony.Chavira@RACAIA.com
Daniela Levy Daniela.Levy@RACAIA.com
Carolyn Baylon, ASID Carolyn.Baylon@RACAIA.com
Jose Hernandez Jose.Hernandez@RACAIA.com
Patrick Chavira Patrick.Chavira@RACAIA.com
Rudy Bocanegra Rudy.Bocanegra@racaia.com
Barry Thomas – San Jose/Northern California Barry.Thomas@RACAIA.com
Timothy Shea, AIA – New York/Connecticut Timothy.Shea@RACAIA.com