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Design a Better World

At RACAIA, we believe in meaningful and sustainable functionality at every level of design. We push to design spaces that feel personal and authentic. We work to advance our environmental and human experiences.

Each of our projects is deeply interesting, and we work together as a team to enhance the artistic value of every design.

Our buildings are safe, clean environments for living, comfort and longevity. And our projects work: sustainably, financially, artistically, technically, and ethically.

Modern and Practiced

Spaces have the power to calm, support, and improve us all, and our deep futures now depend on building with lasting, responsible purpose. With this in mind, RACAIA believes in meaningful and sustainable functionality at every level of design. Our projects are religiously client-focused, and our greatest goal is to deliver fully-conceptualized environments that bring our clients aspirations into reality.

Design Outlasts Trends

Our projects are diverse, but share this common thread: that RACAIA acts—with great time and care—to unite data insights with artistic excellence. Architects, after all, are artists. And we can be artistic everywhere.

Whether aiding our subconsultants, selecting eye-catching details, or engaging meticulous contractors, RACAIA works to inject a profound level of quality into everything we do. This is our conviction.


Firm History

In 2007, Richard A. Chavira, AIA and his son, Tony Chavira, a former management consultant, began RACAIA Architects and Interior Design. Mr. Chavira now lends his year of experience to working closely with the team leaders to develop design concepts and sustainable strategies that improve each of our projects from start to finish. While directing and managing the project and technical staff, Richard A. Chavira, AIA focuses keenly on original, tactful design to focus each project on the human element, creating safe, dynamic environments inside and out.

His overall style is best conveyed in his own words:

“I work tirelessly to assist my clients through every stage of each project to create unique and appropriate structures.

As an architect, I’m a design-believer who is eternally optimistic. In order to make a real difference, I think you have to be.”

Richard A. Chavira, AIAPrincipal - RACAIA Architecture & Interior Design

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